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Virtual Assistant Solutions

Nessa offers fully managed Virtual Assistant solution that provides transformational benefits resulting in

  • Fully developed avatar that provides self service options reducing physical agent interaction through phone calls, emails, and personal interactions
  • Ability to provide reliable, cost-effective, and responsive services (Self-help and Self-heal passing over to scripted support for L1, Automate fixes enriching user experience)
  • Increase overall productivity and reduce cost of operations
  • Integrate seamlessly to existing support lifecycle with managed auto escalation features
  • Feature rich speech recognition, AI and natural language processing capabilities
  • Machine Learning Base to continuously process intent and build context
  • Supports multiple languages through use of translational APIs
  • Interactive cards supporting multimodal conversations

BOT Nessa

Chatbot Solutions

A ready-to-use and comfortable solution for creating your digital workplace chatbots
easily adaptable to variety of use cases across enterprises

QA Builder

Transform your knowledge base documents into conversation. With only few clicks, you can activate your chatbot into your digital workplace. Ontology built through historical data can be easily extended.

Help Desk IT

Improve your employee's and organisation productivity with our IT Help Desk solution. Users no longer need to learn how the end user computing application works. Users can interact directly with the bot. The bot simply integrates into your information system and lets you capitalize on your past investments and brings a new experience.

Assists with:

  • ITSM incidents and Request management
  • Dynamic search on KMDB for Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Password resets
  • Orchestration services
  • Resolve IT application support issues L1, L2 support.

Human Capital Management

Streamline your internal HR activities for faster response to employees.

Assists with:

  • On-boarding
  • Company policies
  • Travel, expense reports and reimbursement
  • Leave and PTO
  • Separation and many more

ON Demand

Nessa develops customized chatbot solutions to meet your needs. Our Conversational Approach DevOps allows continuous improvement in an agile way.

  • Definition of the bot-users conversation.
  • Information systems integration, specific developments.
  • Learning of the artificial intelligence engine.

Capability of Nessa can be extended in various domains like:
Financial services, Field engineer, Travel, Insurance.

Bot Connectors

Integrate seamlessly with multiple channels without disturbing existing enterprise channel.

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